What we're about...

What we're about...

We love UPCYCLED art and a unique gift idea, so we work to create unusual frames and upcycled SCRABBLE ART– like Scrabble jewelry. We have Scrabble art for dog lovers (because we specialize in vintage dog stuff), but we also have other themed Scrabble jewelry and we’re adding more all the time!

Some of the newest themes we’ve added to our Scrabble jewelry include Star Wars, Van Gogh, Harry Potter and Banned Books and Paris…plus many more! You just never know what upcycled SCRABBLE ART we’ll come up with next…we love creating new Scrabble jewelry!!

We specialize in unique gift ideas for dog lovers, so we hope people will check us out when looking for upcycled dog jewelry or a cool DOG FRAME. We work hard to have lots to offer!

Our journey is crazy busy sometimes, the financial end can be a struggle, we don’t know how we’ll keep going, but then…oh my…the ideas come, people send wonderful notes about our stuff, and we’re working together for ourselves. So…our handcrafted journey continues. We hope you’ll stop by now and then. We love that this business opens us up to the whole world…how amazing of a journey is that!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer's End

Labor Day is upon us.  It's been a busy summer.  We try to get ahead so we will be prepared for the holiday season.  It's right about now that I start feeling the pressure to have more inventory of Scrabble jewelry and Vintage Art Frames completed for the holiday buying season.  As anyone who has a crafting business knows, it takes a long time to create products.  We hate to lose out on the sales during that time of the year, but we can only do so much, and quite honestly we sometimes need a break from the long hours it takes to get everything made.

At any rate, we had a couple of big orders come in the last couple of weeks.  That was good because with the end of summer and the transition to starting school, it always slows down for a few weeks.  Always scary to see those revenue dollars drop, but at least it is somewhat expected.

I made a set of frames that last few days.  Our frame inventory is quite low and will be limited this holiday season.  I did enjoy making them.  They were a nice break from the Scrabble bracelets.  Even though I love how the Scrabble bracelets turn out, they do get tiring to make at times with the precision that is needed.

Well, the next time I write, it will be September and fall will almost be here.  I do like that our summers here in Washington tend to run into September and even part of October at times with warmer weather and little rain, but the leaves will still drop and the daylight hours will still get shorter.  By October and November the rains will be back and cooler temps will move in.  That's okay though.  I love fall and the start of the holidays season!

Here are a few of the frames that I made last week:

Brittany Dog Photo Frame

Border Collie Picture Frame

French Bulldog Frame

Looking towards the fall, here are a couple of bracelets just for the season!
Fall Leaf / Autumn Scrabble Bracelet

Halloween Scrabble Bracelet

Till next time, we hope you have a safe and fun Labor Day!