What we're about...

What we're about...

We love UPCYCLED art and a unique gift idea, so we work to create unusual frames and upcycled SCRABBLE ART– like Scrabble jewelry. We have Scrabble art for dog lovers (because we specialize in vintage dog stuff), but we also have other themed Scrabble jewelry and we’re adding more all the time!

Some of the newest themes we’ve added to our Scrabble jewelry include Star Wars, Van Gogh, Harry Potter and Banned Books and Paris…plus many more! You just never know what upcycled SCRABBLE ART we’ll come up with next…we love creating new Scrabble jewelry!!

We specialize in unique gift ideas for dog lovers, so we hope people will check us out when looking for upcycled dog jewelry or a cool DOG FRAME. We work hard to have lots to offer!

Our journey is crazy busy sometimes, the financial end can be a struggle, we don’t know how we’ll keep going, but then…oh my…the ideas come, people send wonderful notes about our stuff, and we’re working together for ourselves. So…our handcrafted journey continues. We hope you’ll stop by now and then. We love that this business opens us up to the whole world…how amazing of a journey is that!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas - Handmade Jewelry - Upcycled Scrabble Tiles

As we move into the Christmas buying season, the Etsy shop has picked up some.  We are excited to have some great Christmas gift ideas for all different interests.  That's one of the reasons we enjoy making the Scrabble bracelets so much.  We have something for gardeners, animal lovers, foodies, dog lovers (of course - our "original" line), music, Christmas jewelry and so much more.  We keep thinking of fun ideas.  Rarely, do we not have an idea for a new bracelet or two.

Gardener Scrabble Bracelet
Bird Lover Scrabble Bracelet

Degas Ballet Scrabble Bracelet
Italian Greyhound Scrabble Bracelet
Australian Cattle Dog Scrabble Bracelet

Then, we have our vintage art dog picture frames.  Now, those truly were the original of our items.  That's where it all began.  I still love making them, and now after making hundreds of bracelets, it's comforting and calming to take a day or two to make frames.  We don't have many for this season, but we'll get inventory back up in the New Year.

Boston Terrier Picture Frame

Sheltie / Shetland Sheepdog Picture Frame

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas, one of the best places we have found for ideas and to share our products is on Pinterest.  I have a personal Pinterest page where I have garden, home and other personal interests, as well as a Christmas gift idea board that my family and friends can check out if they need ideas for me, and they can order most of them right online if they want!  There are so many cool things on Pinterest.  Definitely something to look through if you haven't already.  We have just started to pin our products on our business page.  It can be checked out by clicking here.  It's really great when we run across our products from other people pinning them.  That makes us happy to see.

At any rate, things are doing better for the holiday season.  People seem to be turning to us for some of their Christmas gift ideas.  We'll hope the trend continues on like it did last year and the year before.  Hopefully, everyone remains calm and pleasant, and doesn't get the holiday crankies.  

'Til next time...
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