What we're about...

What we're about...

We love UPCYCLED art and a unique gift idea, so we work to create unusual frames and upcycled SCRABBLE ART– like Scrabble jewelry. We have Scrabble art for dog lovers (because we specialize in vintage dog stuff), but we also have other themed Scrabble jewelry and we’re adding more all the time!

Some of the newest themes we’ve added to our Scrabble jewelry include Star Wars, Van Gogh, Harry Potter and Banned Books and Paris…plus many more! You just never know what upcycled SCRABBLE ART we’ll come up with next…we love creating new Scrabble jewelry!!

We specialize in unique gift ideas for dog lovers, so we hope people will check us out when looking for upcycled dog jewelry or a cool DOG FRAME. We work hard to have lots to offer!

Our journey is crazy busy sometimes, the financial end can be a struggle, we don’t know how we’ll keep going, but then…oh my…the ideas come, people send wonderful notes about our stuff, and we’re working together for ourselves. So…our handcrafted journey continues. We hope you’ll stop by now and then. We love that this business opens us up to the whole world…how amazing of a journey is that!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Disneyland Scrabble Bracelet
Ideas…where do they come from?  What inspires artists?  For me with our Scrabble art, it can be things that have special meaning or for some reason strike a chord with me – often from my childhood, as well as throughout my life.  An example would be our Disneyland Bracelet.  As a child, I loved going to Disneyland with my family.  I haven’t been for many years, but it’s one of my dreams to go with my husband.  He has never been.  What fun it would be to visit the “happiest place on Earth” with him. 

Star Trek Scrabble Bracelet
Another is our Star Trek Bracelet…As a very young girl, I remember watching Star Trek with my dad.  He would cook himself a steak and I would generally have something like SpaghettiOs.  I think that must be where my love of sci-fi came from.  This is fortunate for my husband since he, too, likes sci-fi.

Banned Books Scrabble Bracelet

 Of course, the author, poet and banned books bracelets come from my love of books and reading.   

Love the old graphics in this Monster Bracelet

There are many that I just plain love the old graphics – like the bracelets with Santa, Red Cross, monsters and locations like Venice, Egypt and Alaska.   

Some come from interests like dog agility, cooking and bird watching.

 And don’t forget the dogs!  That’s where our entire handcrafted business started...love those dogs, but you can read about how we got started with our dog frames and jewelry in our previous post - no need to go into it here.

Inspiration…where do others find their inspiration?