What we're about...

What we're about...

We love UPCYCLED art and a unique gift idea, so we work to create unusual frames and upcycled SCRABBLE ART– like Scrabble jewelry. We have Scrabble art for dog lovers (because we specialize in vintage dog stuff), but we also have other themed Scrabble jewelry and we’re adding more all the time!

Some of the newest themes we’ve added to our Scrabble jewelry include Star Wars, Van Gogh, Harry Potter and Banned Books and Paris…plus many more! You just never know what upcycled SCRABBLE ART we’ll come up with next…we love creating new Scrabble jewelry!!

We specialize in unique gift ideas for dog lovers, so we hope people will check us out when looking for upcycled dog jewelry or a cool DOG FRAME. We work hard to have lots to offer!

Our journey is crazy busy sometimes, the financial end can be a struggle, we don’t know how we’ll keep going, but then…oh my…the ideas come, people send wonderful notes about our stuff, and we’re working together for ourselves. So…our handcrafted journey continues. We hope you’ll stop by now and then. We love that this business opens us up to the whole world…how amazing of a journey is that!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Moving a Home and a Handcrafted Life

It’s been a long time since I’ve written.  Soooooooooo much has happened in the last four months!  First, and foremost, we have moved.  That means that we not only had to get our house ready to sell and move, but we also had to move our business, PAWS IN TIME, since it, too, is in the house.  My, oh my, what a time.

We got a place that is about ½ the size of our old house, so we had to downsize considerably, which isn’t a bad thing, but frustrating when trying to make everything fit inside the new place.  A real bonus of the new place is that we now have about an acre to plant a garden, have a few hens, let the dogs run (in a fenced area of course). After having lived in town on a very small lot for the past six years, we are so excited!!  It’s also by the water, which is calming.  When we go for our walk in the morning, we step out on our rural road and see the bay.  Just beautiful.

However, the new place was in desperate need of renovation.  We’ve lived in an RV for several months while fixing things – starting with the majors…plumbing, plumbing and more plumbing, roof replaced, putting sheet rock in, floorboards down, cleaning and painting.  I never thought I would know so much about sheet rock - the different types, how many sheets can be fit into a Dodge Caravan (weight and measurement wise), how to use sheet rock mud and tape.  Who knew there would be so much to know?  But we’re finally in and even though there is still lots of work to be done, it’s nice to be in.  

Here's a picture of what the house looked like when we first got it.  Note the roof - truly a "green" roof with all the moss.
Next time, I'll include a picture of how it looks now.

Thankfully, there is a fairly good-sized sunny landing at the top of the stairs and that is now where PAWS IN TIME resides.  It has a deck off of it with a fabulous old maple tree covering the whole area. We also use a downstairs back room for drilling tiles.  I was terribly spoiled in our old place because I had room for everything.  I loved looking at all my materials - even what I wasn't currently using.  I could say to myself, “Someday I’d like to try making such and such out of that.”  Unfortunately, a lot of those creativity inducing items that I’ve been collecting will need to stay tucked away.  However, I will try to keep the boxes handy for those days when I want to do a little treasure hunting to try something different.

My work area is ready (cleaned, painted, carpet down) for all my stuff to be put out…Yeehaw!  All the materials for our Scrabble Bracelets and Scrabble Pendants are out and organized.  Due to our move, our inventory was down from over 400 items to under 200.  Yikes!  We’ve been busily making bracelets to rebuild our stock.  The holiday season is looming. This was to be the year that we got ahead and had plenty of stock for the holidays.  Hmm…guess not.  But we are going to do our best to have enough stock to at least have an acceptable season.  

We even took our personalized gift / custom bracelet listing off for a while to get caught up, but it's now back up and we've had several orders in the last few weeks where people use their own pictures on a Scrabble bracelet.  I’ve been using the tiles as fast as my htp (husband type person) can drill them.  Now, I really need to start on our vintage art dog frames…as soon as I can find the box the glue and seal are in.

Well, I better get going, but before I sign off, I thought I’d share a couple of our newer bracelets.  I did have time to create a couple of new ones. Always love that!   

Star Wars Scrabble Bracelet
We now have two STAR WARS bracelets one featuring different characters from 
Star Wars

Luke Skywalker (THE FORCE) Scrabble Bracelet
and one with just LUKE SKYWALKER.  The Luke bracelet spells: THE FORCE on the inside – fun!

We also created a couple of new artist bracelets including Van Gogh and Picasso
Picasso Scrabble Bracelet

Simon & Garfunkel
Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World Scrabble Bracelet

Soon to be released: 
Mary Poppins Bracelet
Super Heroes Bracelet
Alfred Hitchcock Bracelet
Barcelona Bracelet
Star Trek - The Next Generation Bracelet

Off I go to my sunny landing!  
Have a happy day and hopefully it won't be four months until I write again!