What we're about...

What we're about...

We love UPCYCLED art and a unique gift idea, so we work to create unusual frames and upcycled SCRABBLE ART– like Scrabble jewelry. We have Scrabble art for dog lovers (because we specialize in vintage dog stuff), but we also have other themed Scrabble jewelry and we’re adding more all the time!

Some of the newest themes we’ve added to our Scrabble jewelry include Star Wars, Van Gogh, Harry Potter and Banned Books and Paris…plus many more! You just never know what upcycled SCRABBLE ART we’ll come up with next…we love creating new Scrabble jewelry!!

We specialize in unique gift ideas for dog lovers, so we hope people will check us out when looking for upcycled dog jewelry or a cool DOG FRAME. We work hard to have lots to offer!

Our journey is crazy busy sometimes, the financial end can be a struggle, we don’t know how we’ll keep going, but then…oh my…the ideas come, people send wonderful notes about our stuff, and we’re working together for ourselves. So…our handcrafted journey continues. We hope you’ll stop by now and then. We love that this business opens us up to the whole world…how amazing of a journey is that!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Home Business Challenges

The Christmas buying season is well on the way.  Fortunately, people seem to like our Scrabble jewelry and dog frames for Christmas presents, so we've been busy.  Cyber Monday was especially good for us.  That was a nice way to start the week.  We didn't offer any Cyber Monday sales because we try to keep our prices as low as we can anyway, so we don't have a lot of room to play with our prices.

We are, of course, still finding challenges to running our home business - time management and space issues, just to name two.  We find that we have to be well organized with our space constraints, which isn't a bad thing (the organization that is), but we do bump into each other once in a while and have to watch where we're walking.

Time management is always difficult.  Not spending so much time working is a great goal, but it doesn't always work out.  Actually, it rarely works out.  Even though, I wanted to work less after moving to our new home with less expenses, but it is the holiday buying season, so we have a small window of opportunity.  Business drops off about December 12 - 13, generally, so we work long and hard for these few weeks.


Thought I'd show a few pictures of the space in one of my work areas.  The following photos shows bracelets in various stages of being completed.  I have all the beads handy.  The other supplies are in the drawers directly above the containers of beads like our elastic .

Below shows the storage for some of our bracelets.  We separate them by dogs, holidays, music, etc.  It makes it easier to find them when getting ready to ship.

Some of our biggest sellers this season have been our...

vintage art dog frames...
Border Collie Frame

scrabble bracelets
 like our Elvis Presley Bracelet
"The King" is popular this year
Elvis Presley Bracelet

as is our Jane Austen Quotes Bracelet
Perfect for book lovers!
Jane Austen Quotes Bracelet

Right now, we're just trying to make some of the bracelets as they sell.  We won't keep up with all of them and by Christmas, we will be out of many.  Then, the whole cycle will start again as we start the New Year, but next year we won't be moving to a new home, so maybe we'll be able to get even more inventory made for the next holiday season!  Oh, no, this season has not even come to a close and I'm already planning for next year.  Not exactly living in the moment...well time to stop for the evening and get a little shut-eye.